CCK09 – Starting out

Posted on September 15th, 2009 in CCK09 by Kirsty Tags:

Connectivism & Connective Knowledge Week one starting now!

Joined the introductory Elluminate session this morning using mobile data connection as the work network fell over yet again. All working fine, and also able to have browser open at same time without lagging.

Participating in this course is going to be a ‘reboot’ on my blogging, well that is the plan anyhow. Committing to regular readings, writing, sessions and more feels a trifle crazy at the moment but it may be the thing I need in terms of inspiration.

George and Stephen are laying out their expectations about participation – asking that people set up/ use something that creates an RSS feed so they can be gathered and fed back out. Tag to use – CCK09. Will be fed back out through the daily newsletter. Suggestion – sign up for Google Alerts on CCK09. Comment from George that lurking affects other people’s learning – by making your thoughts available to others, that can add value and provoke thinking. Bounce ideas off others and see how they react.

What is a “course”? This course content is centred by aggregation of many voices, not centrally by design as normally the case. Sense making through networks.

Short and sweet session – just setting out the landscape and forward journey. Off to watch some of the video and read the readings.