Elearning Innovations Progress Meeting: iQTI projects

Posted on October 28th, 2010 in Learning tech by Kirsty

Colin Ogden kicked off the current project updates with a quick talk about using the iQTI player for workplace assessment and how it has simplified his work as a workplace assessor. No paper checklists, no separate digital camera, no laptop. He did a comparative day with one teacher using old methods, and another assessor using iQTI on the iPhone, and there was a significant time saving, which means you can spend more time with the student rather than on paperwork. You do have to explain to supervisors in the workplace what you are doing – iee you’re not just standing there sending text messages! Also you need to get signed release forms for taking photos, both from students as well as employer for taking photos in their workplace (eg you will probably need a formal agreement on what can be photographed such as specific workplace practices). A user guide has been developed which helps teachers use the iQTI tool. Option to send the evidence gathered both back to institute, employer and student which helps with keeping people informed.

Janet Fearns talked about the project with the drilling team also using the iQTI player. They also found the simplicity of everything being in the one device very practical in the workplace.
Shared Services Learning Technologies are the gatekeeper in providing the access to the app, it is not yet available directly on the iTunes store.

Corralling gadgets and cables

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Un-filled Gadget Corral

Measures 19 by 14 cms.
Made from regular elastic, cotton drill as the covering material under the elastic and on the back. Stiffness given to panel by a piece of  the plastic that comes at the bottom of reusable shopping bags. Just need to find an A4 sized piece somewhere for the larger version.

Home made gadget corralling panel

This little prototype holds a pocket video camera and desktop tripod, smartpen, cable, USB modem. The next one will be made of more resilient elastic, be larger, have more solid stitching around the edges for holding the thin elastic cords.

This one is a good everyday one for the handbag, gathers the iPod, cables, headphones, smartpen. Pushing it to take the video camera while traveling proved I need a larger one when I am out of the office for longer, or at an event when multiple recording gadgets are an advantage.

Paper Based Recommender Systems

Posted on May 27th, 2009 in Learning tech,Libraries by Kirsty

Went to the library yesterday to pick up Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food which I’ve had on request since February.

The holds are placed in a specific aisle with your name on a slip of paper sticking out to make them easy to find.

The addition to the hold slip made me smile.


After that, guess what we had for dinner last night?

See – creating connections and passing on recommendations doesn’t have to be all tech based :-)

Mastering ‘Views’ in Drupal

Posted on April 30th, 2009 in Learning tech by Kirsty

Well, after making myself dizzy with learning how to customise the arrangement of information on Drupal to support a new group area, I think I’ve got it!

Rough schematicHere was the whiteboard assisted plan. If you go to the live page, you will see it has changed a bit. One aspect I hadn’t appreciated before was the functionality that groups brought to the party – anything attached to a group magically appears in the feed. Making separate areas for blog posts, pages and discussion forums not necessary. It may still be useful to consider highlighting the discussion posts.

We have 6 Elearning Innovation Projects at our institute this year and now each project has a project area (group in Drupal speak) within which they can have their own forum discussions, blog posts, pages of information.

All groups feed into one master “Elearning Innovations” Page at http://elearningcentral.polytechnic.tas.edu.au/node/171

This info can either be direct in the site or brought in from outside – see example at http://elearningcentral.polytechnic.tas.edu.au/node/169 where we brought in the feed from the Micro Business team’s edublogs blog and mix it up with content from the site.

I’ve used views to create blocks of info that either appear on the sidebars or in the content of the page.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been reviewing the content of our general elearning support pages (home: http://elearningcentral.polytechnic.tas.edu.au/ ) and making notes of what has to be done.

Still on the to-do list:

- re-jig the Elearning Processes area – this is the area needing the most content work.

- look at displays of information pulled in from elsewhere. Now I understand how the news aggregator and external feeds and views and blocks work together I think I can get what I want.

- Kick off forums for our Resource Development Advisor Community of Practice

- Have a nap.


Let me know what else should go on the to-do list…

Update: Just snaffled http://tinyurl.com/ei2009 for our shared project area.

Video Summary of projects

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The videos are looking great! The messages coming through are interesting – you can really hear the conviction in some of the speakers and less so in others. Up on the screen the quality looks gorgeous and the audio is very clear. The refrigeration project with student comments was great. Some of the fades in bakery were a bit slow but the resources showed up well. Lots communicated in that one. Paul looks very much the part in the metals one. Loved the transitions! Making link between learners work style and learning style. Master Plumbers talked about the process they used through the process. Typo – teasurer when he appears the first time. Pathways ended on a really strong note with Paul Morel’s comments about ‘it cuts through all that (learning difficulties, ESL, 20 year gaps in learning). The Lifeline map/ flowchart looked great on screen. Really pleased with how the DHHS project came across. It’s been a fascinating experience working with them

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