Mapping out 2009

Posted on December 14th, 2008 in Planning & Plotting,Polytechnic,Resource Dev Team by Kirsty

With the end of the year fast approaching, my thoughts about my new role have been crystallising – helped by some seriously good coffee at Pigeonhole

It seems like a long time since I have made the time to get out the pretty textas for a mindmap – whiteboard markers on my office whiteboards and scrappy bits of lined note paper have had to suffice recently. I’ve got to say this is one of the things I am truly looking forward to – having the time, making the time and working with the time I will have in different ways.

Friday was final day of resulting – so lots of autographing of “non start” forms for staff who enrolled in the Cert 4 and Diplomas of TAA and promptly disappeared.

Here is a mindmap about how I see my new role in 2008 (ef_role.pdf, 904kb)

Hmmm, back in a moment when I see how to upload the pdf into the new version of wordpress….

UPDATE: found the solution – the theme I was using for some reason meant I could not see the Add Media button in the Post editor.

Testing names & Planning

Posted on December 9th, 2008 in Planning & Plotting,Polytechnic by Kirsty

Hmmm, one of the things I have been tossing around has been a new name for the new team. In moving into the Polytechnic it is a new beginning and a chance to define anew. The majority of the work of LRS ( has been on the elearning front so putting that out there in a team name of something like “Elearning Development & Implementation” seems a good fit.

Tomorrow we start the concrete conversations about next year – at a management level now. LRS has been doing some thinking for several months now which can feed into the process.

Report from the Polytechnic Workshop (4-12-08)

Posted on December 9th, 2008 in Polytechnic by Kirsty

The Polytechnic had a more formal start last week with the first statewide meeting in Launceston.

After a welcome from Glenn Smith the day started in earnest with Belinda McLennan’s presentation ‘The Big Picture’.

The challenges ahead:
- An opportunity to shine, being watched from outside.
- Expectations of our learners
- Increasing retention and completions for PY10, also participation rates in the greater Tas population.

Language Usage
- What does Polytechnic mean?
We had a brief recap of various quotes and diagrams that have been in circulation so far – the triangle and the football.

P’s of the polytechnic:

  • Preparation
  • Pathways
  • Professionals, Para-professionals & Technical
  • Professionalism
  • Productive & engaged learners, employees and citizens

Polytechnic is quality education: applied, flexible supported, connected. It has a future focus.
Applied learning:
Learning applied in work and life, real and simulated, experiential
Problem based, negotiated learning in a workforce/ place futures ecosystem
Integrated learning: polytechnic graduate attributes
Learning builds on and recognises previous and current experiences
Lifelong learners – for life and work

Supported Learning:
Start support from where the learner is.

Connected Learning:
Work placements, community partnerships (including R&R), other educational institutions, agencies for disengaged and disconnected, indigenous communities etc

Flexible Learning :-)
Collaborative timetabling & scheduling enabling access, participation and achievement
Online, off campus, on campus
Outreach and partnerships
ICT enabled: including Web2 and social networking tools and platforms and LMS
Mix & Match course design and awards
VET and TCE and literacy numeracy and ICT standards
Capable facilitators of learning and confident, exploratory learners

Enrolments from college cohort
3449 students coming into YR11 (May be some people enrolling in both academy and polytechnic but we will see)

After Belinda spoke we broke into smaller groups for discussion, then had lunch, and back together in the main hall for presentations by the six senior managers of the Polytechnic. Tricky spot after lunch. Enough said. Finally we broke into our workgroups and met briefly before piling back into cars and heading home. Lots of new faces to get to know, and I wonder which ones will form part of my team next year – a selection process is underway for 4 more Resource Development Advisors.