Drilling down into project detail

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I’ve admired my previously posted list of 2009 projects and thought about how nice it looked. I’ve been carrying the original paper based version with me for reference. And then a blog post somewhere in the ether pointed out that 15% of 2009 is already gone. Yikes!

So here’s more detailed thinking on one of the projects.

End Point: Elearning Central is the definitive home for elearning in the PolytechnicElearning Central Screenshot

What does this mean?
• When Poly people want to find out something to do with elearning, they go to this site.
• It becomes the first place to look.
• Information is trusted, credible, sufficient and thorough.
Measures that relate
1. Depth and Breadth of coverage of our supported tools and approaches
2. Through increased site usage stats – eg page visits, downloads
3. Through breadth and volume of people using for information, blogging, commenting, as a wiki.

Major Action Area 1: Depth and Breadth of Coverage
1. Develop benchmark for coverage per topic area (by March 6th)
2. Evaluate the coverage (completeness, accuracy, relevance) of the current site (by March 6th with some focus)
3. Identify first- and second-tier products that need redevelopment/ review in our pages (by March 6th)
4. Schedule/ Delegate time for actioning as appropriate (by March 13th)
5. Review as allocated and monitor progress (6 weeks to April 24th)

Note: we have started work on this as we go about our work. A more systematic approach will get us there quicker.
Major Action Area 2: Increase site traffic for information access
1. Develop promotional material – eg flyer, include on our documents, team insyte page (by April 1st)
2. Monitor usage of pages, eg most visited, search terms, downloads of docs. (ongoing)

Note: We’ve talked about this many a time, but not followed through strategically with the documentation.
Major Action Area 3: Develop engagement with site other than simple information access
1. Twist arms of Encourage RD team into blogging on a regular basis. Build reasons for blogging.
2. Locate Elearning Innovation support community there as well.
3. Promote option to comment or participate
4. Develop forums in the field of elearning for general (authenticated) users and RDA CoPs etc.
5. Investigate other ways in which the site can develop

Note: This probably requires the deepest thought. More coffee required.

The Major Action Areas need to be tackled in that order as with the restructure work needs to be done to bring us up-to-date. And then general traffic needs to be built, leading to deeper engagement.

Identity formation through online presence

Posted on February 25th, 2009 in Polytechnic by Kirsty

Today I had to send an email about a listing on a directory. As a result of the changes to new organisations in Tasmania, my role now sits in the vocational education organisation which does not deal directly with learners who are in employment (eg apprentices, trainees, commercial programs paid for by employers). So I had to ask for the listing for TAFE Tasmania (which is no longer) to be removed from the Elearning for Industry directory page (http://tinyurl.com/bhxx5r) and in that listing I was the oganisational contact.The first pear of the season

Normally I am used to adding to my online presence. This is hacking a bit off it. An odd feeling. Time passes. A new identity is forming. Seasons come and go.

Found Objects

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Artists sometimes work with ‘found media’ to create their artworks, items either found by chance or design (hunted out).

Me, I have ‘found files’. Came across these questions prepared in a handout for a long forgotten workshop.A Used to start thinking and discussion around learning design by scoping out the landscape.

Purpose: To get a picture of the Learning Design currently in place and how it relates to the external environment and any planned/needed changes

Describe your industry – what is important to them – evidence (skills demand/ changes, regulation, history, future, what does a new entrant need? What does an experienced person need? Large – small business dominance?)

Describe your students (educational background, motivations for being at TAFE, working/not working, age, tech capability, career dev or career change, selection process)

What are the desired outcomes from the course? Global and specific.

How do you check to make sure you’ve achieved those outcomes?

What are the freedoms and constraints that you have? (on what basis have you established this?)

What is the general learning approach to the course now? Approaches used for practical and underpinning knowledge?

How are people assessed?

What resources do you use to support learning? How do they fit together? Any tools or equipment you use specifically to support learning (in addition to industry specific equipment)?

Proposed projects for 2009

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This year it is exciting to think I have time for a more proactive, strategic approach to learning materials and elearning implementation. After having my head intensely in the space of initial set up of the Resource Development team, I’ve sat and asked myself, so what will I do? Prompted in part by my new colleague Roger Stack, and a recent post from Leigh Blackall amongst others, as well as a strong desire to make 2009 truly amazing.

Here’s what I’ve targeted:

  1. Case study on rapid development processes and tools (Print and elearning)
  2. Developing Elearning Central to become the definitive home of elearning information for the Polytechnic
  3. Establising Elluminate as a key tool used across the Polytechnic
  4. Collaborate on ePortfolio solutions for the Polytechnic
  5. Research into best practice for print resources
  6. Become a regular blogger (again) about my field and experiences
  7. Establish the Resource Development Team
  8. Develop an organisational approach to quality assurance for learning resources
2009 Projects and Focus Areas

2009 Focus Areas

These projects tap into various aspects of my role being:

  • Leadership – of my team, in my team and in my field
  • Connection – by role modelling shared and open knowledge practice and seeking mutual benefit
  • Innovation – pushing the boundaries and maintaining the passion, keeping an eye on the horizon
  • Embedding – making real the Polytechnic learning model through the tools and techniques at our disposal for the mainstream

Thinking of learning resources like actors in a play

Posted on February 18th, 2009 in Learning Resources,Resource Dev Team by Kirsty

here’s the first piece of video blogging that has actually made it through editing and been released to the wild …

Download link What role will your learning resource play? wmv file only at the moment, sorry!

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