Opening Up Educational Resources: Proposal

Posted on March 4th, 2010 in Learning Resources,Planning & Plotting,Polytechnic by Kirsty

A Polytechnic-wide project submitted this week for Australian Flexible Learning Framework Elearning Innovations funding.

Learners will access, use, create and contribute to wiki based materials throughout their learning programs, with a focus on open educational resources.
This project is to embed the reuse, remix and creation of open educational resources (OERs), specifically those based on a wiki platform. This follows from the successful 2009 investigation that demonstrated the suitability of wiki platforms for our context. Many Polytechnic teachers have already heard about the successful wiki trials and are interested in pursuing this approach in their own areas. “The OER movement seeks to stimulate, facilitate and catalyze growth of the pool of learning resources on the Internet which circumvent barriers to access and lift restrictions on usage, thus improving education as a social good” (WikiEducator). This philosophy of education being open and accessible to all is in alignment with the mission and values of the Tasmanian Polytechnic.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Space-Case

Lots of arm waving and diagrams on whiteboards and on the back of bits of paper went into conceiving and planning this one.
Fingers crossed