Creative Commons Roadshow

Posted on September 24th, 2010 in Learning Resources,Polytechnic,Reporting and Reading by Kirsty

23rd September 2010, hosted by UTAS for the Hobart part of the Creative Commons Australia Roadshow.

This was an interesting day – I was pleased to hear about the activities underway in other jurisdictions and some great case studies. I’ve recorded my notes in graphic form – click on the thumbnails for full images.

Macaron workshop, aka, an experiment in Informal Learning

Posted on September 13th, 2010 in Learning Design by Kirsty

Recently my son, my mother and I tackled the all important quest of the perfect macaron. After some diligent trials and research, it was obvious a serious afternoon of work was required, so the workshop was planned and executed. I decided to capture this informal workshop as a prompter to think about passion and motivation for learning.

Major Sources:

Tartelette – My definitive source at the moment for a quirky scientific approach. I found this article after a rather dodgy batch where the proportions of the ingredients obviously weren’t right.

Tip: Search for macaron rather than macaroon.

Before this workshop, I’d been involved in three batches of macarons with varying degrees of success – the challenge had been framed, to be able to make multiple batches that met our expectations – if you like, demonstrating competence in varying circumstances over a period of time. Armed with the wisdom recorded by macaron aficianados on the web, and our prior experience we selected three recipes and got out the scales.

Why do it? Because it was a mixture of technique and understanding that was needed. Because it was achievable. Because it was fun. Because it wasn’t easy. Because they are just so nice to eat.

Why document? Because I can refer back to these notes later. Because we met our goals. Because we need new ways of capturing what goes on – a paper journal is white and blue or black and only seen by the author. Because I learnt from others and want to share back.

Please ignore the typos.

The first part of the workshop

Second Stafe

Thirs Stage - Getting ready to eat

PS: Dad turned up to collect Mum before we were done. He acted as chief taster.

Macarons are best left to mature for 24 hours. This gives the shells and filling flavours a chance to meld. By Day Two the Matcha/ Green Tea versions and Black Pepper were exquisite. Also the spice flavour in the Chocolate versions became more apparent. Worth the wait.