Options for Poly Wikis

Posted on August 24th, 2010 in Planning & Plotting,Polytechnic by Kirsty

Options for Poly Wikis

This shows my current thinking about a way forward for wikis at the polytechnic. I’ll test it with some colleagues, project team members and through the student evaluation coming up.

Draft recommendations

  1. A combination of external and self-hosted wiki pages will give the following benefits:
    Branding and online presence as a leader in Open and Connected Learning.
    Participation in a wider, global community of educators and learners.
    Support with technical issues and ongoing maintenance. and so on
  2. Teachers use Wikiversity/WikiEducator to create and host their learning materials. Student group and collaborative work is also done on Wikiversity/WikiEducator.
  3. All materials from the Category “TasPoly” to be mirrored on a Polytechnic hosted wiki.  This builds in risk management as well as raising our profile in the global education community.
  4. A blog platform for learners and teachers to be hosted by the Polytechnic. Support also given to those staff and students for a limited range of externally hosted services eg Flickr, YouTube, Blogger, Edublogs…
  5. Staff and learners supported to use RSS readers to streamline accessing information from multiple points. This can be achieved through Outlook and/or Google Reader.
  6. Policy will support teachers releasing learning materials through a Creative Commons Attribution – ShareAlike licence.

Comments welcomed!

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  1. Ruth Howard said,

    on December 22nd, 2010 at 6:40 PM

    Hi Kirsty Im wondering please what might be the best way to integrate a more open and interactive blogging experience for a primary school kitchen garden project. Im thinking video, images, stories, songs, recipes and want it to be easy as possible for others than myself to engage in. And not too dependent on me after I guide it a while? I am thinking I could go with something like a wiki but it seems a steeper curve than say a pushbutton blogging site? Many teachers in my school wont have blogged yet. Possibly all. We plan to tho and Id like to have a specific Twitter account connected to the blog because there are many kitchen garden related folk connected there and easy to feel connected. The school already have a FB page.
    What do you think? We are part of a large group of schools all over Australia under the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. But we need to become independent too. I’d really like us to use it as a means to be more interactive with all our neighbouring kitchen garden community schools. I find the forum on the foundation site to be less satisfactory for community less social, although there are physical meetups. And all these schools are already doing so much that it would be good to demonstrate a way that they might like too? Id like to document our own work but allow for interaction with others in the community?

    I can see Flavors.me would feed in separate social bits, making for a coherent picture. I’m thinking some teachers and students will prefer one or other media above others and so to not dictate it too much but feed whatever people like into the one space?

    Thanks for simplicity and insight!

  2. Kirsty said,

    on January 12th, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    oh! sounds like an interesting project that you have in mind – I’ll email you about it, might be worth talking over a coffee. We’ve found the wikis almost easier than blogs, especially when you have multiple authors. Also some ideas about Flickr are coming to mind – being able to document in imagery.

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