Elearning Innovations Progress Meeting: iQTI projects

Posted on October 28th, 2010 in Learning tech by Kirsty

Colin Ogden kicked off the current project updates with a quick talk about using the iQTI player for workplace assessment and how it has simplified his work as a workplace assessor. No paper checklists, no separate digital camera, no laptop. He did a comparative day with one teacher using old methods, and another assessor using iQTI on the iPhone, and there was a significant time saving, which means you can spend more time with the student rather than on paperwork. You do have to explain to supervisors in the workplace what you are doing – iee you’re not just standing there sending text messages! Also you need to get signed release forms for taking photos, both from students as well as employer for taking photos in their workplace (eg you will probably need a formal agreement on what can be photographed such as specific workplace practices). A user guide has been developed which helps teachers use the iQTI tool. Option to send the evidence gathered both back to institute, employer and student which helps with keeping people informed.

Janet Fearns talked about the project with the drilling team also using the iQTI player. They also found the simplicity of everything being in the one device very practical in the workplace.
Shared Services Learning Technologies are the gatekeeper in providing the access to the app, it is not yet available directly on the iTunes store.

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