2010 Projects Updates continued…

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Virtually Here

Maree Swanson highlighted how students were encouraged to dress in appropriate personal presentation for the hospitality industry when setting up their avatar. Learners are supported by a local workplace assessor to organise work placement as well. Learners were allocated tasks to complete within the environment of the Marksman Hotel in Second Life and Reaction Grid, and submit photos of their work, and fill out ‘notecards’ explaining what and why they chose to do things. There were a number of challenges eg accessing SL and RG, information sessions for parents and local schools with informed consent.

Dealt with a whole lot of implementation issues. Should be in report so would be good to have a copy for others to refer to. Created a real sense of class group and immersion with others in a virtual presence. Also got some of the support teachers to participate in SL but not all did. Where they did participate it made a real positive impact.

ELOTS – electronic library on touch screens

One of the issues with the workplaces Bruce Milne works with, is the low levels of access to computers, combined with low levels of IT literacy. They have loaded the necessary workplace documents onto the touch screen, organised under icons for different types of information. Bruce really stressed the simplicity of the interface and the usability. Future plans include using a server model for multiple touch screens on a site which is simplifying document management. Also looking at how it might be deployed on mobile devices.

Ralph Berry: Hydro wanted to use their own digital system rather than TSI – Learning Seat is what they are working with. ( not recommended) Designed from the outcomes to be assessed rather than what TSI wanted to teach. Flexbility to complete learning in the workplace looking at low bandwidth options. Talked about identifying duplications in the learning and assessment activities which meant they went from 8 to 5. Also issues with expectations of the Hydro’s online learning system.


Sean Crane explained how Scaffolding is a common course for many in the construction industry, and there are different height restrictions for licences. There is both a drag and drop interactive as well as a DVD version. 2 days filming to make a 15-17 minutes of finished footage. One positive Sean highlighted was the importance for the project management of setting dates and sticking to them. Animations are integrated within the video combined with footage. The interaction went down really well with the scoring aspect.

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