Virtual worlds, Real Learning session

Posted on October 27th, 2010 in not yet categorised by Kirsty

After lunch session at the Southern Worlds event.
Roger Stack and Angela Cooke

We started with a “round the room” section inviting audience members to state where they are coming from in relation to virtual worlds.

Roleplay in a safe environment.
Access to history – immersive archaeology
Art gallery
Design on a human scale – architecture, engineering,
Fashion and jewelry

Potential for small business and employment in Second Life

Quest Atlantis is based on 7 core values and relationships, teachers and students are equals.

Credibility of teaching team was enhanced by a team member’s gaming prowess.

WOW, Neverwinter nights, Myst, Age of Empires, etc all offer possibilities for development of key skills.
Commercial games are more restrictive eg can’t build own areas and activities as easily as in other spaces such as SL, Open Sim, RG.

Future? Access is getting easier, including potential to access through a standard browser. Open grids opening up that are meeting the needs of educators including jokaydia grid.

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