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Posted on November 5th, 2010 in not yet categorised by Kirsty

This idea and exploration was kicked off by exploring what we wanted from a first foray into iPad app development. With the change in Apple’s rules about using flash for app development we could now consider doing app development work in house.

As a team we talked about what materials we already had at our fingertips and also which teams either had, or would soon be getting iPads for student use. The Health Services team were a key target as there have been several elearning innovations projects with them in recent times and iPads were on the horizon. Jacquie highlighted the many videos and a Policy & Procedure manual in use by the team, Anita wondered out loud about PDFs with embedded video, and Google then answered a whole series of questions. iBooks on the iPad can display .epub files that have video embedded using the new HTML5 <video> element.

Basically we had to combine the instructions from a few sites

http://amalthia.mediawood.net/tutorials/ebooks/index.html for the overall process

And Liz Castro writing at http://www.pigsgourdsandwikis.com/2010/05/html5-video-works-on-ibooks-on-ipad.html for the video part.

It took a few goes to get the steps in the right order but we got there.

Next week I’ll run am initial training session on how to work through this process with my team which will mean documenting the steps a little more and also typing up the html code so we can copy and paste it easily.

Oh, and yes, you can use any word processor that will do the export as filtered html with heading styles, and any html editor that allows you to manually edit the code element.

The output can be viewed in iBooks after transferring via iTunes, and we wait to see which other ebook readers will support the embedded video.

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